Passion for Chennai.

If you have burden about Chennai, please feel free to contact us.

You can partake with this plan and fulfil the vision in your place, church or your ministry. You can share your valuable plan and the facts you know about Chennai.

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Everlasting Love.

As God loves Chennai city had flourished with Churches and Believers.

There is no doubt that God's plan in Tamil Nadu will fulfil when the churches and Believers realise their part in prayer and work..

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Be a Part

Union in Strength.

For this great vision, you can also be a part.

For the fulfilment of this plan you can participate by praying daily, work as Volunteers and valuable Contribution. Come with a zeal and prayer for "Blessed Chennai". Let us work together and attain the vision..

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From your Brother

Heart to Heart


Dearly Beloved in Christ!
Our Lord Jesus Christ loves our Chennai city, the capital of Tamil Nadu and that is the reason He sent his apostle Thomas here who died as a Martyr.
It is in this Chennai City that we find many churches, Missionary organizations and Evangelistic Associations with large number of Pastors, Ministers and believers. Thousands are being saved everyday through various ministries. And it also acts as the head quarters for various sectors like the Government, Corporate, Private and Multinational Companies.

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God Loves Chennai

Chennai is considered to be the 'Jerusalem of India'! Saint Thomas who was one among the 12 disciples of Jesus, was sent to this city and he also died as a martyr. Through this, we can clearly understand the great love that God has for this city.